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  • 作家相片日月潭水社私宅-勺光188

2019 一個人旅行 Single stay


​愛自己,享受屬於自己的 韶光

勺光-188 喜歡一個人旅行看見世界的方式,自己的腳步邁出與停留

Coupon Code:

​Loveyourself (入住日七日前適用)
​Singlein7d (入住日七日內適用)
  • 僅限單人入住使用

  • 使用折扣碼現折 入住日前7日 可折 NT.1300- 入住日七日內 可折 NT.900-

  • 續住請分次預訂

  • 非單人入住使用或入住日搭配折扣碼錯誤,將人工取消訂單

Love yourself and enjoy your time

Shaoguang-188 Travel alone to see the world with your own step.

Coupon Code:

​Loveyourself (7 days before your stay)
​Singlein7d (within 7 days of check-in date)
  • For single occupancy only

  • 7days before your stay』discount for NT.1300/per night.

  • 『within 7 days of check-in date』discount for NT.900/per night.

  • Please book separately for consecutive stays

  • If the order is not for single occupancy or use for wrong Coupon Code, the order will be cancelled.

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